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Yad Vashem is the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority of the State of Israel. It is based on a 45-acre complex of museums, memorials and exhibits in Jerusalem, Israel. Since 1953, Yad Vashem has worked to document and preserve the history of the Jewish people during the Holocaust. In November 2004, Yad Vashem made available online its Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names.

The database now contains nearly three million names. More than two million entries come from "Pages of Testimony," one-page forms with basic information about people who died in the Holocaust. They are filled out by survivors, remaining family members or friends of those who were lost. Other sources of names include town memorial books, wartime and post-war documents and other records.

Most of those who died from the Zolynia Jewish community have not been memorialized in a Page of Testimony. If you have information on people not in the database yet, please consider filling out a Page of Testimony form and recording their names. The forms can be filled in and submitted online or downloaded for mailing at Forms are available in numerous languages. Photographs may also be submitted and are also posted online.

Pages of Testimony and the Central Database

The list is posted below. An enhanced list is also available for download below in two file formats. A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet version allows users to sort the columns in any way they wish; this format can be opened by almost all spreadsheet and database software and many other kinds of software. A version for Adobe Acrobat (a ".pdf" file) is also available (a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader is available through the link to the right, just above the Site Search bar). The downloadable Excel and Acrobat versions contain some additional information on wartime location.

Download MS Excel version of Shoah Names List here.

Download Adobe Acrobat version of Shoah Names List here.


Yad Vashem Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names
Name Residence Country Birth Date Born
Augenbraun Estera LANCUT POLAND 1900 Korniaktow
Baumwurcel Gitel ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Baumwurzel Jakob ZOLYNIA POLAND 1913 Zolynia
Baumwurzel Kuba LWOW POLAND 1912 Zolynia
Baumwurzel Laibish ZOLYNIA POLAND 1920 Zolynia
Baumwurzel Lonek OSWIECIM POLAND 1920 Zolynia
Baumwurzel Menachem ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Baumwurzel Mendel ZOLYNIA POLAND 1898 Zolynia
Beigelmacher Sarah SOSNOWIC POLAND 1903 Zolynia
Beila ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Beri Brajndel ANTWERPEN BELGIUM 1883 Zolynia
Beri Elimelech ANTWERPEN BELGIUM 1880 Zolynia
Berkowicz Wolf RAKSZAWA POLAND 1909 Rakszawa
Berkowitz Szaja RAKSZAWA POLAND 1895 Rakszawa
Biegeleisen Amalia BERLIN GERMANY 1897 Zolynia
Birnbakh Jakob KRAKOV POLAND 1881 Zolynia
Bratspies Eliahu ZOLINIA POLAND   Zolynia
Brie Feiwel BORGERHOUT BELGIUM 1911 Zolynia
Brie Lea BORGERHOUT BELGIUM 1906 Zolynia
Bruh Berta BORGERHOUT BELGIUM 1877 Zolynia
Buchen Rosa TILBURG THE NETHERLANDS 1907 Zolynia
Buchen Rosa ZOLYNIA POLAND 1907 Zolynia
Chmiel Jechok LOMZA POLAND 1915 Zolynia
Cymerman Mirjam ZOLIN POLAND 1883 Zolynia
Dinerman Chaim DABROWICA POLAND 1887 Zolynia
Engelhardt Rachel RZESZOW POLAND 1893 Zolynia
Ester PINSK POLAND   Zolynia
Fajt Gecl RAKSZAWA POLAND 1890 Rakszawa
Faust Bari KORNIAKTOW POLAND   Korniaktow
Faust Jakow KORNIAKTOW POLAND   Korniaktow
Faust Moshe NOWOSIELCE POLAND   Korniaktow
Faust Rywka KORNIAKTOW POLAND   Korniaktow
Faust Sheindl KORNIAKTOW POLAND   Korniaktow
Feit Chana RAKSZAWA POLAND   Rakszawa
Feit Lajb RAKSZAWA POLAND 1896 Rakszawa
Feit Lea LANCUT POLAND 1917 Rakszawa
Feit Pesach RAKSZAWA POLAND   Rakszawa
Feit Wolf RAKSZAWA POLAND 1875 Rakszawa
Feit Wolf RAKSZAWA POLAND   Rakszawa
Feit Zwia RAKSZAWA POLAND   Rakszawa
Feld Bluma LODZ POLAND 1910 Zolynia
Feldel Avraham ZOLINIA POLAND   Zolynia
Feldmann Chinka ZOLYNIA POLAND 1860 Zolynia
Fershtand Chaja JANOW LUBELSKI POLAND   Zolynia
Feter Joel ZOLIN POLAND 1975 Zolynia
Feter Joel ZOLINIA POLAND   Zolynia
Feter Szeindel ZOLIN POLAND   Zolynia
Fledel Abraham ZOLIN POLAND 1916 Zolynia
Fledel Abraham ZOLYNIA POLAND 1916 Zolynia
Fledel Avraham ZHOLINIA POLAND 1916 Zolynia
Fledel Ester ZOLIN POLAND 1910 Zolynia
Fledel Ester ZOLINIA POLAND 1909 Zolynia
Fledel Ester ZOLINIA POLAND   Zolynia
Fledel Estera ZOLYNIA POLAND 1910 Zolynia
Fledel Gitel DEMBNO POLAND 1886 Zolynia
Fledel Schlomo ZOLINIA POLAND   Zolynia
Fledel Shlomo RZESZOW POLAND 1905 Zolynia
Fledel Szlomo RZESZOW POLAND 1905 Zolynia
Frenkel Maria ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Freund Isaak   BELGIUM 1911 Rakszawa
Freund Tulek DORTMUND GERMANY 1901 Rakszawa
Freund Tulek RAKSZAWA POLAND 1901 Rakszawa
Frida ZOLINIA POLAND   Zolynia
Friedmann Szasze ZOLINIA POLAND 1908 Zolynia
Fydler Gusta RADYMNO POLAND 1890 Zolynia
Gabel Tonia BIEDACZOW POLAND 1896 Biedaczow
Garfinkiel Reicel SZCZUCIN POLAND 1877 Rakszawa
Gelber Freida OLESZYCE POLAND 1888 Zolynia
Gelbert Zvi ZOLYNIA POLAND 1900 Zolynia
Geminder Beila ZOLIN POLAND 1904 Zolynia
Geminder Jacob ZOLINIA POLAND   Zolynia
Geminder Jakow ZOLYNIA POLAND 1902 Zolynia
Geminder Yakov ZOLIN POLAND 1900 Zolynia
Gersten Hirsch ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Gersten Jonathan RZESZOW POLAND 1890 Zolynia
Gersten Ozyas HANNOVER GERMANY 1894 Zolynia
Glanz Esther KIEL GERMANY 1891 Zolynia
Goldberg Yulia POTOK POLAND 1923 Zolynia
Goldman Ita BUDY LANCUCKIE POLAND 1900 Korniaktow
Gorochnik Tzila     1909 Zolynia
Gotlieb Freida KRAKOWIE POLAND 1890 Zolynia
Gross Zeev RZESZOW POLAND 1890 Rakszawa
Grubner Matlusia RZESZOW POLAND 1882 Rakszawa
Grubner Matlusia RZESZOW POLAND 1888 Rakszawa
Grunberg Josef ZOLINIA POLAND 1907 Zolynia
Haftel Israel CHRZANOW POLAND 1887 Zolynia
Haller Dora ZOLYNIA POLAND 1903 Zolynia
Haller Nissel ZOLYNIA POLAND 1881 Zolynia
Haller Perla ZOLYNIA POLAND 1909 Zolynia
Hauptmann Blime FRANKFURT MAIN GERMANY 1901 Zolynia
Hauser Etla ZOLINIA POLAND 1882 Zolynia
Heffner Cyla ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Heffner Sucher ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Hella ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Hellmann Sara BERLIN GERMANY 1898 Rakszawa
Hersch AUSCHWITZ POLAND 1915 Zolynia
Herszman Hinda ZOLIN POLAND   Zolynia
Hoch Sara JAWORNIK POLAND 1889 Biedaczow
Hochman Moses RAKSZAWA POLAND 1911 Rakszawa
Hoffmann Tauba ZOLYNIA POLAND 1891 Zolynia
Hofstater Asher TYCZYN POLAND 1885 Zolynia
Hofstater Asher TYCZYN POLAND 1885 Zolynia
Irgang Malka ANTWERPEN BELGIUM 1903 Zolynia
Jablonska Roza KRAKOW POLAND   Rakszawa
Jablonski David KRAKOW POLAND 1880 Rakszawa
Jablonski Dawid KRAKOW POLAND 1881 Rakszawa
Jablonski Mania KRAKOW POLAND   Rakszawa
Jablonski Rozia KRAKOW POLAND 1913 Rakszawa
Jakubowicz Mojsze UCHNOW POLAND 1905 Zolynia
Jockel Eliakum ZOLIN POLAND   Zolynia
Jokel Chaskel ZOLYNIA POLAND 1902 Zolynia
Jokel Fay ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Jokel Feiga ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Jokel Leibush ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Jokel Tila ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Kandel Chaja LEZAJSK POLAND 1902 Zolynia
Kandel Chaja ZOLYNIA POLAND 1903 Zolynia
Kandel Gitel ZOLINIA POLAND 1933 Zolynia
Kandel Khaia ZOLINIA POLAND 1905 Zolynia
Kandel Khana ZOLINIA POLAND 1923 Zolynia
Kandel Tzvi ZOLINIA POLAND 1926 Zolynia
Kaplinski Abraham TAURAGE LITHUANIA 1911 Biedaczow
Karpf Golda RANISZOW POLAND 1866 Rakszawa
Karpf Moses ULANOW POLAND 1887 Zolynia
Karpf Moses ULANOW POLAND   Zolynia
Katz Ester ZOLYNIA POLAND 1930 Zolynia
Katz Helena RYMANOW POLAND 1886 Zolynia
Katz Klara ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Katz Szaja PALKINO POLAND   Zolynia
Katz Yenta ZOLYNIA POLAND 1931 Zolynia
Klajnkofer Sara ZALIN POLAND 1900 Zolynia
Klajnkojf Josef ZOLIN POLAND 1895 Zolynia
Klein Khana KATOWICE POLAND 1908 Zolynia
Klein Schlamek ZOLYNIA POLAND 1917 Zolynia
Kleinman Itte LEZAJSK POLAND 1864 Rakszawa
Klinger Jehoschua RAKSZAWA POLAND 1894 Rakszawa
Klugman Chana LINSK POLAND   Zolynia
Konigsberg Chana SCHWERIN GERMANY 1895 Zolynia
Konigsberg Josef BOCHNIA POLAND 1888 Zolynia
Konigsberg Zwi SCHWERIN GERMANY 1865 Zolynia
Kornreich Aron ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Kornreich Jakob ZOLYNIA POLAND 1915 Zolynia
Kornreich Jecheskel ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Kornreich Miriam SOKOLOW POLAND   Zolynia
Kuperberg Bendid ZOLIN POLAND   Zolynia
Kushnir David TORENDOV UKRAINE (USSR) 1912 Rakszawa
Kushnir Lyuba TORENDOV UKRAINE (USSR) 1870 Rakszawa
Kushnir Mikhael RAKSZAWA POLAND 1916 Rakszawa
Kushnir Semyon TORENDOV UKRAINE (USSR) 1914 Rakszawa
Lampel Arie ZOLIN POLAND 1913 Zolynia
Landesman Arthur HAAG THE NETHERLANDS 1911 Zolynia
Landesmann Arthur ZOLYNIA BEI KRAKAU   1911 Zolynia
Landesmann Artur ZOLYNIA POLAND 1911 Zolynia
Landsman Chana HAG THE NETHERLANDS 1887 Zolynia
Landsman Grina HAG THE NETHERLANDS 1912 Zolynia
Landsman Roza HAG THE NETHERLANDS 1910 Zolynia
Landsman Szmuel ZOLIN POLAND 1884 Zolynia
Laub Rachel ZOLIN POLAND 1880 Zolynia
Laub Yehosua ZOLIN POLAND 1875 Zolynia
Lieblich Berta ZOLYNIA POLAND 1911 Zolynia
Lieblich Jacob ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Lieblich Lea ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Lieblich Regina DUESSELDORF GERMANY 1906 Zolynia
Lippel Szmuel LANCUT POLAND 1902 Rakszawa
Liwschitz Lea WIEN AUSTRIA 1888 Rakszawa
Loib Gytl ZOLIN POLAND 1910 Zolynia
Magenheim KORNIAKTOW POLAND   Korniaktow
Magenheim KORNIAKTOW POLAND   Korniaktow
Magenheim Abraham KORNIAKTOW POLAND 1878 Korniaktow
Magenheim Aharon KORNIAKTOW POLAND 1915 Korniaktow
Magenheim Berl KORNIAKTOW POLAND   Korniaktow
Magenheim Gitel KORNIAKTOW POLAND 1922 Korniaktow
Magenheim Icehak KORNIAKTOW POLAND 1917 Korniaktow
Magenheim Mindl ZOLINIA POLAND 1890 Zolynia
Magenheim Moshe KORNIAKTOW POLAND   Korniaktow
Magenheim Wolf KORNIAKTOW POLAND   Korniaktow
Magenheim Zlata KORNIAKTOW POLAND   Korniaktow
Maler Yaakov ZOLIN POLAND   Zolynia
Maluchna Etka MLAWA POLAND 1912 Zolynia
Mandel Rivka KIEL GERMANY 1870 Zolynia
Marder Gessel ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Meller Leib ZOLIN POLAND   Zolynia
Morgenschtern Ettel CHRZANOW POLAND 1898 Zolynia
Nadel Berisch RZESZOW POLAND 1905 Rakszawa
Nadel Chana RZESZOW POLAND 1914 Rakszawa
Nadel Leja RZESZOW POLAND 1910 Rakszawa
Name Town Country Birth Date Korniaktow
Neiss Moishe WIEN AUSTRIA 1873 Zolynia
Neiss Mordechai LEZAJSK POLAND 1890 Zolynia
Offenbach Chana BERLIN GERMANY 1897 Zolynia
Orbach Ester ZOLYNIA POLAND 1895 Zolynia
Orbach Getzel ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Orbach Gitel ZOLYNIA POLAND 1920 Zolynia
Orbach Miriam ZOLYNIA POLAND 1914 Zolynia
Orbach Szmuel ZOLYNIA POLAND 1888 Zolynia
Oster Chana ZASSOW POLAND 1867 Zolynia
Perl Mordchay LASKAZEW POLAND 1867 Zolynia
Perla RZESZOW POLAND 1915 Rakszawa
Pitak Sima SOSNOWIEC POLAND 1914 Biedaczow
Rechtschaffen Adele BRAUNSCHWEIG GERMANY 1896 Zolynia
Rechtschaffen Simon BRAUNSCHWEIG GERMANY 1896 Zolynia
Reich Aaron RZESZOW POLAND 1927 Zolynia
Reich Moshe RZESZOW POLAND 1929 Zolynia
Rej Lola RAKSZAWA POLAND 1906 Rakszawa
Rosengarten Grine BORGERHOUT BELGIUM 1898 Zolynia
Rosner Brucha BERLIN GERMANY 1900 Zolynia
Rozenblum Zlata TUTCHIN POLAND 1912 Rakszawa
Rozengarten Grina ANTWERPEN BELGIUM 1902 Zolynia
Rozines ZOLINIA POLAND 1924 Zolynia
Rozines Bela ZOLYNIA POLAND 1908 Zolynia
Rozines Golda ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Rozines Sara ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Rozines Shevakh ZOLINIA POLAND   Zolynia
Rozines Shevakh ZOLINIA POLAND   Rakszawa
Ruter Abraham ZOLYNIA POLAND 1897 Zolynia
Rutter Abraham ZOLIN POLAND   Zolynia
Rutter Malka ZOLINIA POLAND   Zolynia
Samuel Tauba OSWIECIM POLAND 1898 Zolynia
Santman Sara ZOLYNIA POLAND 1900 Zolynia
Schipper ZOLYNIA POLAND   Zolynia
Schipper   POLAND   Zolynia
Schipper Abraham BRAUNSCHWEIG GERMANY 1882 Zolynia
Schipper Arje ZOLYNIA MIASTECZKO POLAND 1905 Zolynia
Schipper Lazar ZOLYNIA POLAND 1865 Zolynia
Schipper Nacum ZOLYNIA POLAND 1910 Zolynia
Schipper Slate ZOLYNIA POLAND 1910 Zolynia
Schoenwetter Etela BRZOSTEK POLAND 1895 Rakszawa
Schostal BERLIN GERMANY 1911 Zolynia
Shalanger RAKSZAWA POLAND   Rakszawa
Shifer ZOLIN POLAND 1909 Zolynia
Shifer Tzirel ZOLINIA POLAND   Zolynia
Shifer Yitzkhak ZOLINIA POLAND   Zolynia
Shmaltzbakh Sara BIEDACZOW POLAND 1882 Biedaczow
Shmuel Avraham OSWIECIM POLAND 1925 Zolynia
Shmuel Shmuel OSWIECIM POLAND   Zolynia
Shmuel Tauba AUSCHWITZ POLAND 1896 Zolynia
Shturm Malczy ZOLYNIA POLAND 1887 Zolynia
Siegl Iuda ZOLINIA POLAND 1881 Zolynia
Sonntag Rozia SAARBRUECKEN GERMANY 1904 Zolynia
Spatz Eliezer ZOLYNIA POLAND 1895 Zolynia
Sprung Mania BRANDENBURG GERMANY 1883 Zolynia
Sprung Yosef BRANDENBURG GERMANY 1890 Zolynia
Steinberg Chane BERLIN GERMANY 1892 Zolynia
Steinberg Chane BERLIN GERMANY 1893 Zolynia
Steinberg Helene BERLIN GERMANY 1892 Zolynia
Steinbock Elie METZ FRANCE 1877 Zolynia
Steinbock Elie ZOLINIA POLAND 1877 Zolynia
Stempel Adela ZOLIN POLAND 1885 Zolynia
Stempel Adolf GUBEN GERMANY 1895 Zolynia
Stempel Benjamin ZOLIN POLAND 1885 Zolynia
Stempel Eljaju ULANOW POLAND 1880 Zolynia
Stempel Fajwisz ZOLIN POLAND 1920 Zolynia
Stempel Feiwel ZOLINIA POLAND 1890 Zolynia
Stempel Grina ZOLIN POLAND 1921 Zolynia
Stempel Kalmen KELN GERMANY 1886 Zolynia
Stempel Michael RZESZOW POLAND 1884 Zolynia
Stempel Mordchai KRAKOW POLAND 1880 Zolynia
Stempel Szraga LANCUT POLAND 1875 Zolynia
Strassberg Josef WIEN AUSTRIA 1880 Zolynia
Strauch Leah ZOLYNIA POLAND 1910 Zolynia
Strauch Samuel ZOLYNIA POLAND 1939 Zolynia
Sturmlaufer Meilech RZESZOW POLAND 1871 Zolynia
Szejnweter Etel RAKSZAWA POLAND 1907 Rakszawa
Szmelzbach Chana BIEDACZOW POLAND 1917 Biedaczow
Szyper Arie ZOLINIA POLAND 1908 Zolynia
Tanenbaum Sura GRODZISK POLAND   Zolynia
Tarkar Anna MAGDEBURG GERMANY 1907 Zolynia
Teicher Leiser LEZAJSK POLAND 1870 Zolynia
Trachtenberg Klara DEN HAAG THE NETHERLANDS 1894 Zolynia
Trachtenberg Klara HAAG THE NETHERLANDS 1894 Zolynia
Veitzman Tonka MOSTISKA POLAND 1921 Zolynia
Wang Sara RZESZOW POLAND 1878 Rakszawa
Wang Surcia RZESZOW POLAND 1884 Rakszawa
Weinbach Osias WIEN AUSTRIA 1895 Zolynia
Weinbach Osias ZOLYNIA   1895 Zolynia
Weinhaus Meta BERLIN GERMANY 1863 Zolynia
Weis Kopel LANCUT POLAND 1906 Rakszawa
Weis Lipa RAKSZAWA POLAND 1919 Rakszawa
Weis Majer ZOLIN POLAND 1876 Zolynia
Weis Majer ZOLIN POLAND 1876 Rakszawa
Weis Mana RAKSZAWA POLAND 1890 Rakszawa
Weis Szmuel RAKSZAWA POLAND 1905 Rakszawa
Weis Szmul RAKSZAWA POLAND 1912 Rakszawa
Weis Zysl ZOLIN POLAND 1914 Zolynia
Weis Zysl ZOLIN POLAND 1914 Rakszawa
Weiss Zlata RAKSZAWA POLAND 1908 Rakszawa
Weissmann ZOLYNIA   1889 Zolynia
Weissmann Arie RADYMNO POLAND 1890 Zolynia
Weitz Golda ZOLYNIA POLAND 1869 Zolynia
Weitzen Mordechai KOLBUSHOWA POLAND 1880 Zolynia
Wilkenfeld Abraham BERLIN GERMANY 1891 Zolynia
Wilkenfeld Berta KIEL GERMANY 1894 Zolynia
Wilkenfeld David BERLIN GERMANY 1897 Zolynia
Wilkenfeld Dawid BERLIN GERMANY   Zolynia
Wilkenfeld Karl KIEL GERMANY 1898 Zolynia
Wilkenfeld Shifra ZOLINIA POLAND 1876 Zolynia
Wrobel Hawa WIES ZOLNYIA POLAND 1885 Zolynia
Yunger Shoshana   HUNGARY 1914 Zolynia
Zimmerman Mosche ZOLINIA POLAND   Zolynia
Zontag Salomon KOLBUSZOWA POLAND 1873 Zolynia
Zular Meir UNDECIPHERED POLAND 1886 Zolynia
Zular Shlomo KOSTOPOL POLAND 1863 Zolynia
Zuliar Iser ZOLINIA POLAND 1899 Zolynia
Zupnik Yenta DOBROMIL POLAND 1885 Zolynia


Page of Testimony

Excerpt from a Page of Testimony form filed in 1957 by Malka Bank recording the death of her father, Aron Kornreich. He was the last rabbi of Zolynia.


More Information

The Valley of the Communities is a massive 2.5 acre labyrinthian monument that was dug out of the natural bedrock at the Yad Vashem complex. Engraved on the stone walls of the memorial are the names of over five thousand Jewish communities that were destroyed or nearly destroyed during the Holocaust. "Zolynia" is carved out in English and Hebrew on one of the 107 walls.

Also in Jerusalem is the Chamber of the Holocaust (Martef HaShoah) at Mount Zion. Established in 1949, there are more than 1,000 memorial plaques for Jewish communities lost during the Second World War. There is a plaque for Zolynia (Room A, Plaque Number 10). It is listed in the directory as "Zolin."

By tradition, Holocaust survivors gather at Mount Zion on the anniversary of the destruction of their Jewish communities. The precise date for many towns, including Zolynia, is not recorded, so the default anniversary is considered to be Yom HaShoah, Israel's Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes Remembrance Day. Yom HaShoah is the 27th day of Nisan on the Hebrew calendar, which generally falls between mid-April and early May. It will fall on Tuesday, April 21, 2009, on Sunday, April 11, 2010 and on Sunday, May 1, 2011.

Yad Vashem honors non-Jews who risked or lost their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust. These rescuers are called the "Righteous Among Nations." Over 21,000 rescuers have been recognized, including more than 6,000 in Poland. Information and guidelines for consideration are available from Yad Vashem. Some details about rescuers in Zolynia and its surrounding villages are available on this site.

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