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Images: Zolynia in present day; Original Belzec memorial


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Gmina Zolynia Today
Geography; A Modernizing Community
Images: Gmina Zolynia Today (map); Market square looking toward the northwest; Zolynia Centre; Coat of Arms
Sidebar Highlights: Pronunciations; Origin of the name Zolynia; Municipal definitions (town, village, city); Elevations

Congregation Zholyn
The Zolynia Kehilla; Synagogues and Prayer Houses
Images: Congregation Zolynia (map); Zolynia synagogue
Sidebar Highlights: Zolynia synagogue; The Kahal and satellite Jewish communities

Early History
A Frontier Town; Jews in Zolynia Lubomierz
Images: Rye fields; forest in Zolynia Dolne

The Polish Nobility
Szlachta, Karmazyni and Ordinati
Images: Lancut Palace; Ordinati of Lancut; Count Alfred Potocki at Beit Ha-Am
Sidebar Highlights: Liquor rights; Count Alfred Potocki's estate and income; Local remnants of the estate

Austrian Zolynia (map of Zolynia Centre, 1855); Partition of Poland
Images: Zolynia, 1910
Sidebar Highlights: 1821 census; About the Austrian-Hungarian Empire

Galicia Map; A Unique Province; Galicia Timeline
Sidebar Highlights: Jewish population in Galicia; Lemberg/Lvov

Leaving Zolynia
Immigration Chart; A New Economic Order; Tensions and Hostilities; Appeal of Zionism Grows; Seeking Opportunities
Images: 26 Ridge Street
Sidebar Highlights: Descriptions of Zolynia Miasteczko and Zolynia Wies in late 19th century; Liquor trade

The Great War
Zolynia on the Front Lines; The 1915 Offensive
Images: Austrian fieldworks; Russian Cossacks in Galicia; Burning village
Sidebar Highlights: Potocki's palace during the war; Burning of Zolynia; Emperor and Jewish soldiers

A New Poland (map); The Collapse of Austria-Hungary; The Jewish Question; The Pogroms of 1918-1919; Zionism and Jewish Nationalism in Zolynia; The New Poland
Images: Zionist club in Zolynia; Zionist Shekel
Sidebar Highlights: Zionist Shekels and Zionist Congress

Between the Wars
The End of the Immigration Era; Dissolution of Zolynia Miasteckzo; Legal Restrictions on Jews in Interwar Poland; The "Jewish Grandpa"; "Struggle Yes, But No Physical Injury"; Zolynia Just Before the War; Poland Transforming
Images: Six men of Zolynia; Market square in 1936
Sidebar Highlights: Descriptions of Zolynia in 1930s; Nobility stripped of privileges; Government policy toward Jews; Cardinal Hlond's Pastoral Letter

The German Invasion; Abuses Begin Immediately; The Fall Expulsions From Nearby Towns
Images: Soldiers of the Einsatzgruppen; German troops in Lezajsk; Bridge over the San River
Sidebar Highlights: Jews in the Polish Army; Jews returning across San River; Ambassador Jerzy Potocki

General-Government of the Occupied Polish Territories; Decrees; The Judenrat and the Ordnungsdienst; Labor Camps; Mutual Aid; Exposed and Isolated
Images: Zolynia market square in 1943; Jewish Mutual Aid Society report; Warning against aiding Jews
Sidebar Highlights: Beginnings of Polish resistance; Count Potocki during the occupation; Zamosc experiment; The Blue Police; Food rationing; Hans Frank address regarding future of the Jews in Poland

Rounded Up
July 1942; Pelkinie Transit Camp
Images: Remains of Pelkinie Camp, 1962; Soviet POWs at Pelkinie; SS secrecy oath
Sidebar Highlights: Plans for the Final Solution; Pelkinie railroad station; German assurances to Jewish deportees

The Destination; Operation Reinhard; Extermination; Project Completed; At Sienawa; Statistics
Images: Sign at Belzec; Map of route to Belzec; The Hoefle Telegram; SS Squad Leader Rudolf Kamm
Sidebar Highlights: Name of Operation Reinhard; Camp Sonderkommando; Escapes attempts from Belzec; Ukrainian Trawniki; Confiscated wealth; Gerstein's account of Belzec

In the Forests and Fields of Zolynia
Not All Went; Heroes in Zolynia; Jewish Armed Resistance in Zolynia; Unlikely Survival
Images: Fields outside Zolynia; Jewish partisans near Lubaczow; Yiddish sign held by partisan group; Jewish partisans at Markuszow
Sidebar Highlights: The Home Army, the People's Guard and relationships between Polish fighting units and Jews; Reiser diary describing searches for Jews near Zolynia

The Other Camps
After Pelkinie; Birkenau (Auschwitz II); Auschwitz III; The Death March; The Escape
Images: Seven Concentration Camps (map); Identification tattoo;
Sidebar Highlights: Schmidt's war crimes; German companies and the slave labor camps; Auschwitz I, II and III; German attempts to destroy evidence

Survivors Emerge; Survivors in Zolynia; Survivors in the Camps; Survivors in the Soviet Union; Survivors Elsewhere
Images: Remains of Belzec, 1945; SS Squad Leader Rudolf Kamm in Italy
Sidebar Highlights: German secrecy order; Deportations and deaths of ethnic Poles

Return to Zolynia; The She'erit ha-Pletah and the DP Camps; The End of Jewish Zolynia
Images: Side street in Zolynia Centre; Survivor registration cards; Cheskel Kesten
Sidebar Highlights: Postwar hostility toward Jews; The stereotype of ┼╗ydokomuna (Jewish Communism); DP camp marriages; Persecution of non-Communist Poles

Survivors; Debate and Discussion in Poland; Revelations; A Small Jewish Revival; Remembering
Images: Children in costume, 1939; Zolynia memorial plaque; Markowa memorial plaques; Order of the Grunwald Cross, Class III
Sidebar Highlights: Righteous Among Nations; Ringelbaum views on Polish sympathy toward Jews; Memorial markers in the Communist era

Finding Traces of the Jewish Past; The Last Jew; Lancut and Lezajsk as Tourist Destinations; What Happened to Count Potocki; Gmina Zolynia and Former Jewish Residents; The Future
Images: Two graves of Holocaust survivors; New Belzec memorial; Hasidic Jews in Lezajsk
Sidebar Highlights: Polish Jewish community today; Proposal for a Pustkow replica; Rebbe Elimelech tomb incident; Low incomes and high cancer rates of Holocaust survivors; Age of survivors


Heading: Jewish Zolynia

Remnants of Jewish Zolynia
A Close Community
Images: 1938 Map showing locations of former Jewish buildings; Possible former Jewish building; current map showing locations of former Jewish buildings

Religious Leaders of Zolynia
Rabbis and Rebbes of Zolynia; Leaders of the Zolynia Kahal
Images: Nadvorna Rebbes and Zolynia (chart); Partial headstone of revered teacher; Rabbi Mordechai Yisachar Ber Leifer (the "Pittsburgher Rebbe")
Sidebar Highlights: Rabbi, Rebbe, Tsaddik; Blending of religious philosophies

Cemetery Memorial in Zolynia
History of the Cemetery; The Waldman Memorial; Memorial Does Not Mark Graves
Images: Views of the memorial; 23 headstone fragments


Heading: Names & Data

First Zoliner Society
Erste Zoliner Chevre Anshe Sfard; Membership; Other Zolynia Organizations; Officers of the First Zoliner Society
Images: Society members and constitution; Signatures on incorporation papers
Sidebar Highlights: Inquiries; Meaning of "Sfard"

Cemetery Plots
First Zoliner Society Plots; How Data Was Acquired; First Zolynia Society Internment List (and download links)
Images: Views of First Zoliner Society Cemetery Plots

Passenger Lists
Compiling the List; Download links to passenger list; Last names appearing on passenger list
Images: Examples of "Zolynia" in list images

Pages of Testimony and Yad Vashem
Yad Vashem Museum; Pages of Testimony and the Central Database; Pages of Testimony List (and download links)
Images: Excerpt from a Page of Testimony (Kornreich)
Sidebar Highlights: Valley of the Communities; Chamber of the Holocaust; Yom HaShoah Remembrance Day; Righteous Among Nations

Other Holocaust Lists
A Growing Body of Information; Zolynia Natives on Other Holocaust Lists (chart, with download links)
Images: Envelopes sent by Holocaust victim from Zolynia
Sidebar Highlights: and Holocaust databases

Business Directories
Lists of Entries for Zolynia Kahal (chart, with download links)

Zolynia Vital Records
Existing Archival Records; Archives With Zolynia Records (chart); JRI-Poland
Images: Abstracts of death records from Zolynia; 1927 substitute birth record from Zolynia

1821 List of Residents
Residents of Zolynia or Lubomierza; 1821 Heads of Households (chart)

Children Born in 1894
List of Jewish Children; Jewish Children Born in 1894 (chart)
Images: Letter and List from Registrar of Jewish Records

Passport Applications
Passports Issued to Zolynia Natives; U.S. Passports Issued (chart)
Images: A sample passport application


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Jewish Residents

Zolynia As It Was

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Introduction; Technical Information; A Note About Sources; A Note About Copyright
Images: Zolynia synagogue
Sidebar Highlights: What's New; Corrections and comments

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Image: Sheindel Jokel (Jennie Yokel Friedel) with friends from Zolynia

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