List of Children Born in 1894

Official letter from the Registrar of Jewish Records in Zolynia to local school officials, found in 2008 in Zolynia. The thumb at left is that of Waldemar Natonski, Clerk of Gmina Zolynia, who kindly sent this image. Some people on this list later emigrated to the United States.


List of Jewish Children

In early 2008, a school teacher in Zolynia found among some old books a document entitled, "List: Jewish Children Born in 1898." The list is signed and stamped with the official seal of the Registrar of Jewish Records in Zolynia at the time, Mr. Jozef Leistynau. Dated August 13, 1900, the list seems to have been compiled in preparation for the upcoming school year, and contains 17 names of children born between January and August 1894.

Following is a transcription of the names of the children, their parents and their birthdates as they appear on the list:


Jewish Children Born in 1894
Child Parents Date of Birth
Mozes Buch Jacob and Mindla January 4, 1894
Feige Schmidt Herz and Sheindlel January 7, 1894
Leie Ungar Oziasz and Schewa January 10, 1894
Bluhme Bombach Jacob and Hencze January 31, 1894
Choije Bass Meier and Mirel February 9, 1894
Hersch Lowenbraun Samuel and Reizel February 26, 1894
Mozez Bier Jacob and Reizel February 28, 1894
Izak Bratspis Dawid and Fradel March 15, 1894
Marie Stiefelzier Sische and Fradel April 18, 1894
Rachel Gersten Hersch and Roza May 8, 1894
Chana Stutzel Aron and Malke June 8, 1894
Klara Landesman Izak and Chana June 25, 1894
Izak Kosten Dawid and Malka July 11, 1894
Malke Schweber Oziasz and Leike August 4, 1894
Drezel Kraut Izak and Channe August 21, 1894
Jacob Kosten Jacob Meilech and Chaje August 23, 1894
Sime Dab Samuel and Golde August 26, 1894


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