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Zolynia Today


  • Guards on Parade
    An honorary guard parades on Easter. The department store to the right is located on the southeast edge of the market square, just in front of the location of the synagogue building that was dismantled during the occupation.
  • Market Square
    The market square was landscaped with two parks in the 1970s. The kiosk, in the European style, tells the distance in kilometers to various cities and towns.
  • Zolynia Centre
    Zolynia Centre, as seen from the church tower. Along the edge of the pond, to the right, is the kindergarten building. Before the war, it housed the ritual baths used by Jewish men on Fridays and women once each month.
  • Mickiewicz Memorial (1 of 2)
    This monument to distinguished Polish poet and patriot Adam Mickiewicz commemorates the 100th anniversary of his death in 1855.
  • Mickiewicz Memorial (2 of 2)
    The Mickiewicz plaque.
  • Zolynia Street Scene
    Houses in Zolynia Centre.
  • Zolynia Street Scene
    Homes in Zolynia Centre. The building in the background is a school.
  • Zolynia Street Scene
    Young residents of Zolynia, heading toward the northeast, past the market square.
  • Catholic Church
    The Roman Catholic Church in Zolynia is dedicated to Saint Jan Kanty. There are numerous Catholic churches in the United States and Canada named for the popular patron saint of Poland and Lithuania.
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