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Images of Zolynia As It Was


  • Market Square
    An undated pre-war photograph of the Zolynia market square, facing north. The Catholic Church can be seen on a hill in the background.
  • Market Square
    Another undated photograph of the market square. In the 1930s, one of the buildings behind the children was a candy store. The rock to the left of the children was a small landmark where children would play. It is still in the same place, or nearly in the same place, in the market square today.
  • Market Square
    Another view of the market square, probably the same time period as the previous image.
  • Zolynia Centre
    This is the pond just off the market square, where the Jewish "mikvah" (ritual baths) were located. The mikvah as it existed in the 1930s is not shown, but one of these buildings may have been a previous mikvah.
  • Landscape
    St. Jany Catholic Church, looking toward Zolynia Centre, prior to the First World War.
  • Scene of Zolynia
    Note the wagon moving up the street, to the right.
  • Cloth Factory in Rakszawa
    Image from a pre-war postcard, showing a "fabryka sukna" (cloth factory) in Rakszawa.
  • Zolynia Community Leaders
    This photograph was taken on June 8, 1940, just off of the Zolynia marketplace. Pictured from left to right: Jan Nykiel (a teacher), Jozef Krzanik (a member of the parent-teacher association), Mr. Bernacki (chairman of the parent-teacher association), Wojciech Panek (elected chairman of the village council) and Jan Wroblewski (school headmaster).
  • Local Physician
    Dr. Anton Pajak practiced medicine in Zolynia from the mid-1920s on. Here he is shown in a 1945 photograph.
  • Fall 1942
    Zolynia residents in the school yard, turning in crop quotas to the Germans.
  • Barricades, 1943
    German barricades in the Zolynia market square, facing the northwest corner of the square.
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