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Envelopes that held letters from Osias Weinbach or his wife, Charlotte or Lotte, written to relatives in the United States in 1939. Osias was born in Zolynia in 1895 and by the late 1930s he was a furrier in Vienna. A cousin in America hired an attorney to facilitate a visa allowing the Weinbachs and their teenaged daughter, Ruth, to go to the United States. Their efforts were unsuccessful. Osias Weinbach died in a camp in Yugoslavia; his name appears below.


A Growing Body of Information

For most Holocaust victims, there are no existing records placing them in a specific place at a specific time. However, more and more documents are being indexed and summarized in online databases.

Below are names from prisoner books and other records that specifically mention people born in the Zolynia Kahal. Some lists may have been prepared hastily; Gustav Lieblich is listed in one record set below as having died at the Mauthausen camp in December 1944, but Gustav Lieblich, born in Zolynia on the same day, appears on a list of survivors found at Mauthausen published by the World Jewish Congress several months later.

Details such as dates have been left in the original indexed formats to facilitate searches:

A-B = Auschwitz-Birkenau Database

AV = Austrian Victims Database

DA = Dachau Database

M-G = Mauthausen/Gusen Death Book Database


Zolynia Natives on Other Holocaust Lists
Name Residence Born Dates Remarks Source
Babiarz, Martin Rakszawa b.11/11/1899 in Rakszawa arrived from Sachsenhausen on 9/6/1940; Prisoner No. 18203. Disposition 1/15/1942 DA
Bank, Julius Wien (Vienna) 1/11/1878 in Zolynia deported to Wien/Theresienstadt, 9/24/1942 Died at Theresienstadt, 11/6/42 AV
Batut, Jakob Zolynia b.1890-05-01 (Zolynia) died 1943-03-13 Denomination: Catholic A-B
Berkowicz, Wolf Krakau b.1909-05-15 (Rakszawa) died 1942-07-05 Denomination: Jewish A-B
Berkowicz, Wolf   b.15.5.1909 (Rakszawa) Remarks written 5.7.1942 Hairdresser. Camp serial number:34705 A-B
Buszta, Stanislaw Brzoza Stadnicka b.1911-05-06 (Brzoza Stadnicka) died 1943-03-18 Denomination: Catholic A-B
Cisek, Jozef Rakszawa b.1922-00-00 (Rakszawa) died 1943-03-12 Denomination: Catholic A-B
Czado, Jzef   b.21.10.1914 (Smolarzyny)   Farmer. Camp serial number:10756 A-B
Dec, Rozalia Rakszawa b.1912-02-17 (Rakszawa) died 1943-05-16 Denomination: Catholic A-B
Dec, Rozalia   b.17.2.1912 (Rakszawa) remarks written 16.5.1943 camp serial number:35676 A-B
Dolega, Szczepan Rakszawa b.1918-12-16 (Rakszawa) died 1943-03-23 Denomination: Catholic A-B
Fraczek, Kazimierz Rakszawa b.1919-03-21 (Rakszawa) died 1943-04-10 Denomination: Catholic A-B
Fronczek, Kazimierz   b.21.3.1919 (Rakszawa) remarks written 10.4.1943 Cobbler A-B
Grzesik, Edward   b.15.1.1914 (Rakszawa)   Sewer (tailoring) camp serial number:130901 A-B
Kardaczynsk, Josef Zolynia b.03/07/1913 in Zolynia arrived 10/5/1944 Prisoner No. 112720 DA
Kłus, Adam   b.3.12.1915 (Rakszawa),   Student. Camp serial number:419 A-B  
Landesmann, Arthur Den Haag b.1911-03-25 (Zolynia bei Krakau) died 1942-09-15 Denomination: Jewish A-B  
Lieblich, Gustav   b. 15-May-00 in Zolynia arrived 10-Aug-44; died 26-Dec-44 Worker. Prisoner No. 87821. Reason for Arrest: "Jude" M-G  
Marder, Jacob Berlin b. 04/13/1899 in Zolynia arrived July 5, 1941 Prisoner No. 18636 DA  
Neiss, Mosesw Wien (Vienna) 1/8/1913 in Zolynia deported to Wien/Riga, 1/26/1942   AV  
Puchacz, Janina   b.1907 (Rakszawa) remarks written 18.3.1944 or 17.3.1943 Workingman; Camp Serial No. 35811 A-B  
Rej, Lola Sara Zawatka b.1906-08-10 (Rakszawa) died 1943-02-22 Denomination: Jewish A-B
Sawicki, Jerzy Krakau b.1906-09-21 (Zolynia) died 1942-05-27 Denomination: Catholic A-B  
Sroczek, Johann Rakszawa b.10/21/1916 in Rakszawa arrived 10/14/1942 Prisoner No. 37556 DA  
Styczynski, Jakub   b.23.7.1894 (Smolarzyny)   Teacher. Camp serial number:63723 A-B  
Walczyk, Karolina Rakszawa b.1907-00-00 (Rakszawa) died 1943-03-17 Denomination: Catholic A-B  
Weinbach, Osias Wien (Vienna) 3/10/1895 in Zolynia   Deported to Jugoslawien/unbekanntes Lager AV  
Weissmann, Samuel Wien (Vienna) 8/19/1889 in Zolynia Died at Dachau 1/1/1942   AV  

More Information

JewishGen.org's Holocaust Database contains nearly 2 million entries in over 100 sets of data about Holocaust victims and survivors. Two of the databases used to create this list are indexed at JewishGen.org. As of the fall of 2008, these JewishGen.org record indexes can now be searched on Ancestry.com at no charge.


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