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The Zolynia Memorial site is meant to serve as both a memorial and as a resource for those researching their family roots in and around Zolynia. It is produced by Michael A. Miller (New York, USA) in consultation with the First Zoliner Society (Erste Zoliner Chevre Anshe Sfard), and other researchers of Jewish families from Zolynia. Please take a few moments to read the Acknowledgements page. Thanks is given to all those who have donated materials, information and comments.

This new site revision should be considered a "Beta" version and there will be revisions based on feedback from users. Updates will be more frequent, thanks to improvements in site design.

Technical Information

This site has been successfully tested in a wide variety of older and newer Internet browsers. It has been designed to be usable even in very old browsers which cannot display menus and some other features correctly. Most importantly, it has been designed to be usable for those with disabilities. However, constant changes to software may occassionally require fixes. Please let us know if you have encountered any technical glitches or "bugs" and they will be addressed as quickly as possible.

One technology that has been tested but not yet added to the site is the automatic generation of pages that are optimized for personal printers, and versions of the site optimized for use on handheld devices and even portable telephones. These features have been heldback pending feedback from a wider range of users, but will likely be added in the future. Comments and questions are welcome.

The is intended to be a "broadband" site, and some of the images have been intentionally left larger and in higher resolution than might typically be found on this type of site, to better convey information. All images have brief alternative descriptions so that users on older computer systems or slower Internet connections can browse through pages with graphics turned off.

A Note About Sources

In testing, it was felt that footnotes and endnotes were distracting to readers, but Information has been gleaned from legitimate sources and testimonies. The most helpful sources are described in the More Information section. Source inquiries are welcome.

A Note About Copyright

It is the policy and intention of this web site to allow legitimate researchers and those with an interest in Zolynia and its former Jewish community to use, discuss, share and borrow materials presented. Permission is not required. The editor of this site is a strong advocate of free speech, free discussion and open access to research materials.

However, a copyright has been filed and notice presented on each page. There is only one reason for this. Materials and even entire pages of this site have been reproduced at unscrupulous Holocaust denial web sites. In some cases, names have been cherrypicked from lists in order to prove bizarre Jewish conspiracy theories. Some of these web sites post homages to former SS officers.

There is little that can be done to stop this, but a copyright might help in discouraging or ending misuses of this material in cases where money and contributions are being solicited.

What's New:


March, 2010: Some small corrections and additions have been made in anticipation of the launching of an all-new site on March 22, 2011.

July 5, 2010: Correction of some links and other minor problems in anticipation of site update and upgrades later in Summer 2010.

May 2, 2009: New map of the probable railroad route to Belzec.

March 18, 2009: A new image on the Home page, and five new images in the "Zolynia As It Was" gallery; revisions made to the Jewish Remnants and Aftermath pages; additions to Acknowledgements.

As of December 29, 2008: New color scheme and minor revisions of horizontal menus.

As of December 24, 2008: A detailed Site Map has been added. Numerous small revisions have been made and the site version has been designated "Beta 2.00."

As of December 2008, the site has been updated with re-researched data, re-written narratives, re-scanned and re-edited graphics and the ability to make more frequent updates, additions and revisions.

Corrections and comments are welcome. Contributions of photographs and other information that will increase understanding of Zolynia and its former Jewish community are especially welcome.


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