The Jewish Community of Żołynia, Poland


  • Żołynia/ז'ולינ
  • Wilkenfeld_General_Store_Zolynia_Fix_LR
    Wilkenfeld General Store
  • zolynia-zionist-youth-24
    Hanoar Haivri, Zolynia Chapter, 1926
  • izabela-lubomirska-24
    Countes Izabela Lubomirska-24.
  • divrei-chaim-k-a-h
    Rabbi Chaim Halberstam, the Dvrei Chaim
  • katz-family-24
    The Katz family
  • grocholski-modlacy-zyd
    Praying Jew byh Stanisław Grocholski, 1892
  • frieda-sauer-neewang-abraham-apfelbaum-eng-24
    Abraham and Frieda Wang Sauer
  • harel-manuscript-24
    Ike Harel memoir
  • osias-hellman-24
    Osias Hellman
  • hanoar-haivri-zolynia-24
    Executive Committee of Hanoar Havri
  • newspaper-closeup-24
    Hanoar Havri, Zolynia
  • schmidt-child-1939-24
    Schmidt child, 1939



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